Movie Schematic: Artefact

As  well as producing a movie schematic for our groups movie, we also have to create an ‘Artifact’, this is essentially a prop or piece relating to that film. These are often more well thought out than your average piece of movie memorabilia and look like they could be from the films world or be something possibly adapted to ours in a abstract way. With our film ‘Gun Crazy’ there isn’t much depth within the film (Im not that saying its bad) but its interesting never the less so as a group we want to create a less abstract prop and make something more closely related to the films Noir/crime theme, we had discussed possible ideas such as; a travel case containing items relating to the couples crimes, a stylized gun, wanted posters and a police/FBI investigation board. When we start constructing our prop we will discuss more about our decision making and processes.

A case similar to this would be filled with movie related items. Image source.
An investigation board similar to this is what we are drifting towards for our final outcome. Image source.

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